When people are looking for a place to stay while on vacation or a business trip, they may think of any place that rents out rooms as a hotel. There’s even a common misconception that a bed and breakfast is a subcategory of hotels, when in fact they are distinct types of accommodations. Here are three of the main differences between a hotel and a bed and breakfast.

While not every hotel is a 7,000-room behemoth like the Venetian in Las Vegas, hotels generally tend to be larger than the average bed and breakfast. Even small hotels have upwards of 20 rooms while most bed and breakfasts have a dozen rooms or fewer.

Management and Ownership
Hotels, especially those that are part of a chain, are usually staffed and run by people who live off the property. In contrast, most bed and breakfasts are owned and managed by people who live on the premises or in a nearby home. Unlike a hotel, a bed and breakfast offers the feel of staying as a guest in the welcoming home of an old friend.

As one might expect, breakfast is a key component of any bed and breakfast. Unlike most hotels, which offer a paltry spread, a bed and breakfast usually offers a bountiful meal to start the day. Some establishments offer private tables for morning diners while others have a family-style setting that adds to the overall friendly ambiance that endears the bed and breakfast to so many travelers.

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How A Bed And Breakfast Differs From A Hotel, The Ivy Lodge