Absolutely it is: less people, easier parking, better food quality, best mansion options (Breakers & Marble House), free beach parking, generally lower prices all around, and did we mention less people? There are less people, it’s wonderful.

You don’t have to sacrifice your first-born for a parking spot or fight a stranger either. You have a variety of parking spots to choose from; check to see if it’s free parking because unfortunately the town has been dabbling with changes, and then waltz yourself down to whatever restaurant you want on Thames. When you arrive to that restaurant, they’ll probably take you immediately without reservation because it’s the OFF SEASON. No lines. No stress. Just happiness and cocktails.

The food you order will come out faster and will be made better. That mean over-worked line-cook with the terrible sleep schedule, hasn’t started pulling his hair out yet, and ‘oh gosh’ he’s actually in a good mood because he hasn’t been in the weeds for three straight months. You’ll taste the difference.

Next, you check-in to your place of hospitality, try supporting local business and family businesses – like perhaps the Ivy Lodge hmmm?!?! (THAT’S US. COME BOOK WITH US). Wherever you decide to book, you’ll be surprised to see that your stay is substantially cheaper in the off-season and yet all your accommodations are the same; it’s as if the summer is simply more expensive for the profound reason that it’s simply the summer?? Gasp.

Even if the weather is poor, it’s still a great opportunity. Go pick up some food somewhere and drive down Ocean Drive to Brenton Point. Park the car and watch the gigantic waves while you’re munching safely in the car – it’s fun and cozy. Or, drive to second beach, in Middletown, where there’s a chance to spot some gnarly surfers. Then, check out the Breakers and Marble House, which are the best two mansions to see anyways.

We hope you enjoyed this fun little read. Newport is a beautiful place to visit and live.

Written by,
Wesley Jursek