You’ve finally reached your beautiful destination of Newport, Rhode Island, but now you’re confronted with the new frightful challenges of island traffic, narrow streets, and all the car congestion it can present. The last thing people want to do, is figure out where to park. This article is here to help, so you can enjoy what Newport has to offer.

Before we get to parking, hopefully, your nice hotel, possibly the historic IVY LODGE, has parking, and if that’s the case, then keep those car keys in your pocket and enjoy the beautiful walk (or bike ride), because that’s the best way through this small island of Newport. However, sometimes that isn’t an option. Any time after May, parking becomes a battlefield for not only eager tourists, but also the hardworking hospitality employees in Newport.

Note, you can always try your luck with street parking, that is always an option. All main street parking has enforced meter parking, so be mindful.

Thames is where most of all restaurants and stores are located. Thames is split and intersected by a main street called Memorial Cup Ave., the upper split of Thames is known as Upper Thames, and the lower split is Lower Thames. Everything from Brick Alley Pub to the Post Office is Lower Thames, and everything from the Red Parrot, “The Wave Statue”, or Midtown Oyster, onwards, is considered upper Thames.

There are a few Primary Parking Lots Along Thames:

The Mooring Parking Lot:
Located at the Mooring Restaurant but is available to the public and entry doesn’t require eating at the Mooring.
*Not shown on the map below*

Newport, Rhode Island Summer Parking, The Ivy LodgeGateway Parking Lot

Located on America’s Cup Ave. behind the Donnelly Gateway Center

Accessible from America’s Cup Ave. or Bolhouse Road

Mary Street

Accessible from Mary Streetvia Thames Steetor from Church Streetvia Spring Street

Self-Pay parking lot

Touro Court

Entrance is on Clarke Streetvia Touro Street

Self-Pay parking lot


Located on Long Wharf adjacent to Newport Yacht Club

Self-Pay parking lot

Visiting the Mansions:

Relax, each mansion has their own free parking.

Visiting The Beaches, Easton’s Beach:

The beach has enough parking for everybody, simply pay to park in their parking lot and you should be fine.

Don’t want to pay? There are some residential streets that are walking distance. Near the Chandler, you can park on Cliff Ave. Additionally, you can try your luck parking on Annandale Rd., or Red Cross Ave. If you’re willing to walk 15-20 minutes, you can freely park at J. Paul Braga Memorial Field. Many people know these streets, so you are not guaranteed a spot. Please be courteous to the residence.

Visiting The Cliff Walk:

There are many options. You can park at Easton’s beach parking and enjoy the beach and then walk the cliff walk. Both are conveniently located next to each other, and many people enjoy both on the same day. Premium but limited free parking is located on the water-end of Narragansett Ave., where “Forty Steps” begins. Additionally, there’s ample parking within the college of Salve Regina. If both are not an option, there can be parking found on Ward St., a 4-minute walk. However, if you are a guest of the Ivy Lodge, you can simply park there and it’s a 5-minute walk.

Ocean Drive:
If you want to find a place to enjoy the views, there’s a fantastic very large empty field named Brenton Point State Park, which allows free parking, and has sometimes food trucks, kites, and fantastic sunsets and water views. Many people will enjoy Ocean Drive, and then park at Brenton Point, and enjoy picnics and a sunset. Additionally, there are a variety of shoulders along Ocean Drive that gives cars a comfortable place to temporarily park.