Featuring highly trained, matched teams of horses drawing authentic, nineteenth century coaches through the streets of Newport.

If you are fortunate to be visiting Newport the week of August 16th, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime! Experience more than a dozen teams of horses drawn by their colorful coaches in a glistening tack, through the streets of Newport and the grounds of the spectacular gilded age mansions. They come from all over the country for these demonstrations of a century old tradition which was a regular feature of fashionable New York and Newport life.

On Saturday morning August 18th, there is a free-to-the–public driving exhibition on the grounds of the Elms, beginning at approximately 10:30 a.m. This performance, in which each team must execute a series of complex movements, comes around only every three years. You can also see the Coaches each day from August 16-19, there is free public viewing of the historic coaches along their routes throughout the city. http://www.newportmansions.org/events/a-weekend-of-coaching/drive-route-maps

The Ivy Lodge is situated right in heart of all of this! The Elms is a short walk from the Inn. Nothing compares to our close proximity to the horses, the people and the action of this singular event. A weekend of coaching happens only once every three years.  Ivy Lodge is the perfect place for you to have a most unique, memorable visit to the City by the Sea. So prepare for the the next event of spectacular and unforgettable “times gone by” in the year of 2021.

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The Newport Preservation Society Presents 2018 Coaching Weekend … August 16-19, The Ivy LodgeThe Newport Preservation Society Presents 2018 Coaching Weekend … August 16-19, The Ivy Lodge